East Asian Regional Rounds (EARR) 2022-2023 :
Deep-Sea Mining and State Responsibility

Date : 2022/11/22 ~ 2022/11/26
Place : Soongsil University, Seoul, Korea
Registration : 2022/10/1 ~ 2022/10/20
(Late Registration : 2022/10/21 ~ 2022/10/31)

In partnership with the IEMCC of Stetson University, the East Asian Regional
Rounds (EARR) is to be held at Soongsil University in Seoul, Korea.
The topic of the 11th EARR is "Deep-Sea Mining and State Responsibility".
Registration information and case materials are uploaded at the EARR 2022 board.
This year, we decided to meet parties in-person.
However, we are also preparing online participation via Zoom just in case
to those who are unable to be in place due to inevitable reasons,
such as nationwide prohibition of departures.
The EARR Committee will prepare to make it more fruitful than last year
so that everyone can enjoy it.
Thank you!
For more infomation, please contact earr@ssu.ac.kr / ila@ssu.ac.kr



  • Ministry of Environment

  • Seoul Southern District Court

  • The Law Journal

  • Soongsil Univ. College Law Alumni